Thank you for visiting the website of The Monastery of St. Mary of Egypt, an Orthodox Christian monastic community of the Russian Orthodox Church, under the Moscow Patriarchate.  We come from a variety of backgrounds, yet we share a common purpose: the pursuit of a life in Christ.

As a community, we function in two locations.  Our “mother house” in New York City’s East Village, is known locally as Mercy House.  This is where it all began, and where the monastic brotherhood was formed.  Its house chapel is dedicated to St. Mary of Egypt, and so Mercy House is known officially as The Monastery of St. Mary of Egypt.

In 2008, the Monastery of St. Mary of Egypt established a presence in the Catskill region of Upstate New York.  In a tranquil farming community known as Treadwell, the brotherhood continues its mission to grow in Christ and to serve His Church.  The main monastery building is known as Treadwell Abbey.  The free-standing church, a beautifully renovated hay barn from the late 1700s, is dedicated to the Icon of the Savior Not-Made-By-Hands.  The brotherhood’s new location, therefore, is known officially as The Savior’s Desert.

We look forward to meeting you.  Feel free, not only to use our website, but also to come and visit.