Savior’s Desert

In 2008, the monastery purchased land in the Catskill region of Upstate New York.  In a tranquil farming community, the brotherhood seeks to grow in size and to develop spiritually.  The loving labor involved in renovating the original farmhouse and completely restoring an old hay barn for use as a free-standing church hearkens back to Mercy House’s own early transformation.  As this new venture thrives, the connection to its “mother house” is renewed and strengthened.  For its location Upstate, the brotherhood, in honor of the Icon of the Savior Not-Made-By-Hands, has chosen to bear the name The Savior’s Desert.


Just as the Monastery of Saint Mary of Egypt is known locally as Mercy House, the Savior’s Desert is affectionately referred to as Treadwell Abbey by the local people, the parish community, and by the monks themselves.