St. Mary of Egypt Monastery

Over time it became apparent that the physically homeless were not the only people in the area who were in need.  More and more seekers from different walks of life began offering support.  Their efforts culminated in the completion, in 1995, of an in-house chapel on the second floor.  For them, a new term was lovingly coined:  the spiritually homeless.


The community of the spiritually homeless grew to such an extent that a parish community began to flourish.  In tandem with this, men from within this parish began inquiring about the way of life evinced by its founder.  A daily cycle of the Orthodox Church’s prayer had by that time been instated, and together with this, these young men were impressed by the community’s emphasis on helping the poor.  The original mission of Mercy House expanded its vision as it welcomed  the founding of a monastic brotherhood.  By then, the house chapel of Mercy House had been dedicated to a famous woman ascetic of the 5th century.  Today, the monastic brotherhood, comprised of 6 monks and 3 novices, is known officially as the Monastery of Saint Mary of Egypt.